Welcome to the Rewari Steam Locomotive Shed, join us in celebrating the return of the glorious Steam Engines. The shed was started in the year 1893 and was under the jurisdiction of Bombay Baroda and Central India Railway (BB&CIR). This Shed is the oldest Meter Gauge shed in India, The first Meter Gauge track was laid in India in 1873 between Rewari and Delhi and Rewari soon became one of the biggest junctions on the meter gauge route, It was the largest Meter Gauge loco shed in India with over 106 Meter gauge locos, close to 500 workers and about 395 loco drivers on its roll.The shed mainly homed the 'P' class engines and post independence homed the YP & YG class locomotives.

The Rewari Steam Loco shed had a working span of 100 years and was closed down in the year 1993, by 1994 all but two locos, were cut up and sold as scrap. The shed was converted to a Meter Gauge Diesel Locomotive maintenance shed and from September, 93. Till August, 1996 Diesel locos were maintained here. In 1999-2000 it was planned to convert the shed to a heritage shed. But by this time, all meter gauge rail routes to Rewari had been converted to broad gauge so a broad gauge line was also laid inside the shed and vintage Broad gauge Steam Locomotives were also planned to be homed here, one bay of the shed was converted to Broad gauge for this purpose. In May 2002 The first Broad Gauge locos moved into this shed. On 14th Aug 2002 the then Minister of Railways declared it as the Heritage Steam Shed. However with no steam activity taking place, Rewari Shed went out of focus and gradually went into oblivion. The locos went into disuse and were scattered over distant cities where they had gone to run Steam Special trains years ago, the ones that remained here rusted in peace or while running ceremonial trains landed up with bust tubes and ended as case properties in court cases.

The restoration of this heritage shed from a ruin, lost and forgotten with dysfunctional engines to its present grand state has been a success story that besides involving timely funding, includes the zeal and dedication of a few good men who working against all odds dreamt the impossible and did it. Starting February, 2010 the place saw a complete make over. Seeing this place today one can confidently say that besides Vintage Mechanical Engineering at its best, this is nothing short of a labor of love. The place takes the visitor back to the Victorian era, where trains brushed past the Royalty and courted the Maharajas & Viceroys in their personal saloons. And the Steam Engines ruled the roost.


Rewari Heritage Steam Loco Shed,
Railway Colony, Rewari, Haryana 123401,India

Phone:   +91 9717634054


An Educational tour program was organized by RPS School Rewari with Heritage Steam Loco Shed Rewari students saw the activities here and got information about history of Steam locomotives.


Member (Infrastructure) Sh. Roop Narayan Sunkar along with CWE/NR Sh. Ashish Sharma visit "Antim Sitara"Steam working model at IREE- 2023 New Delhi.


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