The YG was the standard freight Locomotive operational on themeter gauge system on the Indian Railways. This 2-8-2 wheel arrangement loco has the distinction of the largest holding of any one class of locomotive on the Northern Railway system.About a thousand of these machines were build and at its peak there were some 168 locomotives operational in the mid 1970s on the Northern Railway system. Besides Chittaranjan Locoworks and TELCO in India this Loco was also manufactured at Lenin Werke, Henschel & Sohn, Mitsubishi, Nippon Sharyo and Baldwin Locomotive Works.



Rewari has 3 YG class locos in working order, YG 3415 and YG 3438, YG 4252, all these have been built by the TELCO and are of 1960 vintage. The Three Loco are called “SAHIB”, “SULTAN” and “SINDH” in remembrance of the first three steam engines that worked on the Indian soil in 1853.



Riding on these locomotives is an enthralling experience, avail of this opportunity while at the Rewari Steam Loco shed.

Technical Details
Valve Gear Walschaert's
Cylinders (Dia. X Stroke) in inches Outside 16 ¼ x 24”
Diameter of coupled wheels 48”
Total Heating Surface (Tubes + Fire Box) 1442 sq. ft.
Boiler Pressure 210 Ib/
Tractive Effort at 85% of Boiler Pressure 23,450 Ibs.
Grate Area 28 Sq. ft.
Makers Baldwin Loco. Wks, TELCO, Mitsubishi etc
Manufacture Year 1949-1972
Usage Freight Loads