This is the only place on the planet where nine work steam engine can be seen under one roof, that too of two different gauges, and manufactured in three different continents.
The shed has a well kept exhibit room that stores Railway relics from the past. There are Antiques, Working Models, Crockery, Lamps, Rail lines, Tool Boxes dating over 100 years, Typewriters, Engine Fitting, weighing scales and a rare collection of old Railway Photographs.

There is an antique Steam Road roller of 1921 built that has been brought from Central India. This unique machine adds color to this heritage Shed.
The Shed has a collection of Railway antiques like telegraph instrument, weighing machines dated 1872, old crockery, lanterns, tools dated 1825, gramophone, radio, antique railway benches etc.
There are 3 miniature Locomotives that run on Steam, they are a hit with children who are amazed to see these little locomotives

There is a rare collection of pictures from the Steam era showing the glorious past of Indian Railways and role played by this organization in the development and progress of the Nation.
The Shed gives the tourists, keen on railway history a collection of documentaries to watch and know more about Steam Engines.

There is an air-conditioned café in the premises that serves to the basic need of the tourists, it has a glass façade which give a glorious view of the steaming beauties and the shed.
The Shed has a turntable in working order where a Steam Engine is reversed, It’s a joy seeing a huge machine being rotated by 2 men.

The Shed has well kept, Manicured lawns with antique benches, Huts, Shades and ornamental plants that provide for an ideal picnic spot in the backdrop of a heritage shed and puffing vintage Steam Engines.
The Shed offers classic photo opportunities where a visitor can have pictures clicked with working steam engines, Insider Vintage British Saloons and a heritage building.
The shed has a fabulous lounge car, that provides a visiting tourist a feel of the dining cars of yore. It’s an air-conditioned lounge inside a vintage railway coach that has dining arrangements and a bar.

The Shed has acquired a vintage, wooden bodied saloon which has been refurbished for an overnight stay inside the shed. This saloon is named ‘Edward VIII” as this was the saloon that was used by the prince of Wales, Edward the VIII, during his visit to India in 1921, He acceded the throne to become the King of England and the Emperor of India in 1936. Enjoy a pleasant stay in this saloon if you stay overnight at Rewari Steam Shed.
There are commemorative cups, Display plates, Keyrings, Caps and a guide for visitors to take away as mementoes.
There is a two suite rest house within the shed premises. An avid steam lover can stay here overnight to catch the Black Beauties early in the morning sun.